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These materials are self-guided, and everything you will need to complete them will be provided within the modules, including help from DS Lab staff.

Digital Scholarship instruction is offered in three ways: scheduled open workshops, in-class instruction, and a la carte. 

 A la Carte Workshops 

Offered at beginner to low-intermediate levels, these are available as one-one-one sessions or group workshops. Many have been converted to asynchronous online workshops. Request a workshop or consultation. For questions or more information, contact Tara Baillargeon, Digital Scholarship Librarian, A full listing of offerings below. 


Data Management Basics

Learn about the basics of data management plans, repositories, supporting documentation, and funder mandates. Instructors: Katie Blank

Data Visualization for Beginners

Get started with data visualization, including an overview of data cleaning best practices as well as platforms and programs for creating beautiful visualizations. 

Introduction to Tableau | Available Online »

Get hands-on experience with Tableau in this introductory workshop. You'll learn about key Tableau functions, including: How to connect to data sources. How  to create visuals and assemble them into a dashboard.

Tableau 2 | Available Online »

In this intermediate Tableau workshop, you'll drill into some of the more advanced features of the tool. 


Intro to Python | Available Online »

Python is a high-level programming language that's easier for beginners and versatile for all sorts of projects. This Python primer is for beginners and will offer you resources for continued learning. Instructor: Elizabeth Wawrzyniak 

Getting Started with Knight Lab Tools | Available Online »

Spend an hour learning about Knight Lab's versatile tools, Timeline JS, a tool used to present a visually enhanced timeline and Storymap JS, a web-based interactive story map creator.

Podcasting | Available Online »

A hands-on guide to creating your own podcast! Get the tools, tips and tricks for creating and editing audio. 

3D Printing/Modeling

3D printing has come to the libraries! Learn what you need to know to utilize our 3D print service.


Getting Started with Refworks Citation Management Software

Make your research life easier with citation management software! Learn how to use Refworks, a premium citation management tool that helps you store, organize, and manage your research.

LaTeX: An Introduction

Get started with LaTeX, a simple but powerful markup language used to draft and design scientific and technical publications. Instructor: Elisa Coghlan 

Designing and Printing Posters

Are you presenting in a research fair? Join us for a how-to session that will help you create a more effective poster. We will cover format, design, software, and printing.  


 Customized Course Instruction 

Digital Scholarship Lab staff can help you envision a digital assignment for your class. We help identify tools and resources for your students and offer in-class instruction. Request a workshop for your class or a consultation to discuss potential assignments. 

Dedicated in-lab workdays with technical assistance are available for all classes.  Reserve days for your class to meet in the lab, work with software and equipment with immediate technical assistance. Reserve Lab Space 



If you are assigning a digital project, contact the Digital Scholarship Lab for instruction and support in project planning and introductory concepts. 

What is DH? A Digital Humanities Primer

Heard about Digital Humanities but not quite sure what it entails? Learn about the history of DH and explore some exciting digital humanities projects from across several disciplines. Instructors: Elizabeth Wawrzyniak

Digital Scholarship Project Planning

There are so many moving parts to a digital project, and planning your project is half the battle! In this workshop, we'll dive into project planning and management with tips and tricks to accomplishing your digital goals.