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Properly formatted poster submissions will be printed within three business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holiday and break periods) and can be paid for / picked up at the Raynor Reserves & Media Services Desk (Raynor Lower Level). Students are notified via e-mail when the print is ready for pick-up.

The Digital Scholarship Lab offers three types of paper.  Universal bond paper is a matte finish 90gsm paper, similar in weight to a standard printer paper.  A glossy paper is a photo gloss paper and is 240gsm.  A lightweight polyester vinyl, with a matte finish. 

Cost:  Universal bond paper is $.26, glossy paper is $.35, and vinyl is $.45. For example, a 36” x 48” poster printed on Universal bond paper would cost $12.48 (48 x .26). Charges are for linear inch of paper spooled from the roll. 

 Digital Scholarship Lab staff can provide a cost estimate if needed. 


Patrons who do not pick up their posters by the end of the semester will have a hold applied to their library account until the cost of the print has been paid.

Learn more about Printing Here.

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We can provide you access to the following Large Printing hardware:

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We have the following Large Printing software available to use on workstations located in the lower level of Raynor Library.

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • illustrator

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