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The Digital Scholarship Lab is located on the lower-level of Raynor Memorial Libraries. The Lab offers a reservable editing room for media projects, an open classroom with a large flat panel display, a Mac Lab loaded with Adobe CC, media equipment and other technology available to loan. Please contact staff for more information on reserving and using specific spaces within the lab.



Augmented Reality Sandbox

A hands-on sandbox exhibit combined that utilizes the Microsoft Kinect's motion and depth sensor to display an elevation color map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water. Mold the sand by hand and the landscape comes to life as it is augmented in real time! 

Digital Media Editing Room

The editing room is a dedicated reservable space for editing multimedia projects. Equipped with both a PC and Mac, the room includes Final Cut 7, 10, Avid and Adobe CC. 

Microsoft Surface Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub is a large, touchscreen, interactive monitor with reservable space. It can be used to assist in study groups, presentation preparation, and has numerous applications to explore. 

Visualization Station

A dedicated work station for working on information visualization projects. This large screen hi-def Mac is loaded with a Tableau Professional license. While the station is first-come, first-served, Tableau projects take priority.

Open Classroom

DSLab workshops and orientations are taught here! This space has 12 flexible tables, 6 moveable whiteboards, a large flat panel display and a projector.

Media Equipment Borrowing Desk 

Check out media equipment from voice recorders to iphone chargers. Staff are available to help with equipment questions and concerns. 

Mac Lab 

Mac computers are located in the Lab for media projects. These machines include Adobe CC, iMovie, GarageBand and more.

PC Pod

Working on a media project doesn't mean you have to be a "Mac" Person. Our pod of PC computers are loaded with Adobe CC as well as Movie Maker and Power BI. Our special station includes a license of the XML editing software, oXygen. 

Media Tutor Help 

Walk-in help From 4-8 PM Monday-Thursday.  A dedicated media tutor is available to help you with your immediate technical needs.

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We have assessed a number of tools that may assist you in your work. The Digital Toolbox will help you discover tools that are suited specifically to your project needs.

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