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Mark Options

You can mark records in two different views, the Summary view and the Profile view.

In the Summary view, you can mark records in the list by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of the name of the foundation. After you have marked the desired records, a new header will appear at the top of the page entitled "View Marked Records." Clicking on this will allow you to see the profiles of only the records you marked. Another header button will allow you to "Unmark All" of the marked records.

screen capture of summary view

In the Profile view, you can mark the individual records as you see them by placing a checkmark in the box entitled "Mark this foundation." The screen options will now include an option to view just the marked records. You are also able to "Mark All" (which will mark all of the profiles in your results list) or "Unmark All" (which unmarks all of the profiles which you have already marked via "Mark Options."

screen capture of profile view

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