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To begin your search, click on the down arrow next to the select category box.  You will see a list of categories from which to choose. Select one and click on Browse.  (Note: Newer browsers will immediately go to the next screen, older browser will need the click on Browse.)

screen capture of category box

On the next screen you can choose the terms you would like to search. Just highlight the term and click on Select Term.

screen capture depicting select term

The total number of results will then be displayed.  If you wish to add criteria to your search, again click on Select Category and add a term.

screen capture depicting select another category

screen capture depicting adding another term

When done selecting categories, click on the view results box to see the list of foundations that match your criteria.  From this list, you can do a variety of things. You can click on View Profile to see each of the complete foundation profiles.  You can also click on the foundation name itself to see the complete profile. You can sort the list in various ways. You can also mark records to view.

screen capture showing results

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