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Unprofiled Foundations:

Unprofiled foundations are Wisconsin foundations that do not fit the criteria for a complete profile in the directory and are signified by an asterisk (*) in the Foundation Name category. The only information supplied for unprofiled foundations are the name of the foundation, the location of the foundation, and the status. The status of the foundation is indicated by letter code as follows:

I = Inactive. Foundation reports indicate no grants during recent year(s).
M = Moved out of Wisconsin.
N = Name change. The foundation is listed in this directory under a new name, which is cross-referenced in this section by the name from the last edition of Foundations in Wisconsin.
O = Operating or otherwise non-grantmaking. An operating foundation is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a private foundation whose primary purpose is research, social welfare, or other programs. These foundations make no grants to other organizations.
R = Restricted. Grants are awarded only to a designated beneficiary(ies), usually under the terms or a will or trust.
T = Terminated. These foundation have terminated or merged with another foundation; final tax return has been filed since the last edition of Foundations in Wisconsin.
X = Status cannot be verified. Financial information is incomplete or unavailable.

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