By the Numbers

This is About Decency: McAdams vs. Marquette

By The Numbers


The number of internet posts Associate Professor John McAdams has published over the past two decades on a variety of topics. In this case, he crossed the line when he posted our student teacher's name and contact information on the internet before a hostile audience, commonly referred to as doxing, causing her irreparable harm. Had he written the exact same post without that information, he would not have been disciplined.



Marquette University faculty members who are held to the same conduct standards as John McAdams. We are proud of our Marquette faculty members who routinely put students first, conduct themselves professionally and meet their responsibilities as a university professor.



The number of pages in the 2016 report from Marquette’s seven-member Faculty Hearing Committee, selected by his peers on the University Academic Senate, which unanimously concluded that John McAdams acted irresponsibly, unprofessionally and without justification, violating his contract.  Marquette expects its employees to live and work by our Guiding Values. We embody a culture that emphasizes cura personalis, or care for the whole person.



The number of harassing emails and vile attacks that the student teacher received after McAdams posted her name and contact information on the internet and circulated that information to the media. “One person emailed the student teacher four or five times over three weeks, even after the story faded from the news, causing her to fear he might be a stalker. Several emails expressed violent thoughts about her.”* Posts on her Facebook page included threats to follow her to her next university. John McAdams continues to name her and link to her contact information to this very day, ignoring the unanimous judgment of his peers that this is unprofessional conduct. We cannot and will not stand by when a professor needlessly and recklessly harms a student teacher.



The number of years John McAdams has enjoyed academic freedom and freedom of speech, including two decades of publishing commentary on the internet on a variety of topics. He has never been disciplined for any political viewpoint.  John McAdams was disciplined for crossing the line by publishing our student teacher’s name and contact information on the internet.



The number of pages in the 2017 decision by the Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge in his ruling in favor of Marquette. In closing, the judge specifically notes that “academic freedom does not mean that a faculty member can harass, threaten, intimidate, ridicule, or impose his or her views on students.”