Margaret Mathison, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Hall 244
(414) 288-5650




Research Interests

  • Positive displacement compressors
  • HVAC&R equipment
  • Modeling and analysis of thermal systems

Professional Preparation

Ph.D., 2011, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
B.S., 2005, Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University

Selected Recent Publications

Mathison, M.M., Braun, J.E., and E.A. Groll.  2012.  Modeling of a novel spool compressor with multiple injection ports.  Proc. Int. Compressor Engineering Conf. at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 1561.

Mathison, M.M., Braun, J.E., and E.A. Groll.  2011.  Performance limit for economized cycles with continuous refrigerant injection.  Int. J. Refrigeration 34(1): 234-242.

Hengeveld, D., Mathison, M., Braun, J., and E. Groll.  2010.  Review of modern spacecraft thermal control technologies.  HVAC&R Research 16(2): 189-220.

Mathison, M.M., Braun, J.E., and E.A. Groll.  2008.  Modeling of a two-stage rotary compressor.  HVAC&R Research 14(5): 719-748.



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