Current research topics include shock physics, hydrodynamic stability and turbulence, fluid dynamics and aerodynamics, sustainable energy development, alternative power systems, renewable/alternative fuels, optical diagnostics for thermal, fluid, energy conversion, and chemical process applications.


Research Specializations

Dr. Casey Allen

Ignition and combustion phenomena, alternative fuels, and advanced engine chemistry

Dr. John Borg, P.E.

Shock physics, hydrodynamic stability and turbulence, fluid dynamics and aerodynamics

Dr. Anthony Bowman  

Heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, numerical modeling and simulation of thermofluid equipment processes and systems
Dr. Hyunjae Park Energy conversion systems, computational fluid dynamics, heat exchange equipment, heat transfer, thermal engineering
Dr. Somesh Roy Turbulent combustion modeling, soot modeling and pollutant modeling from combustion devices, radiative heat transfer,  atmospheric soot, computational fluid dynamics, and high performance computing
Dr. Simcha Singer Combustion, gasification and pyrolysis of solid fuels, multicomponent droplet vaporization


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Dr. John Borg, P.E.
Department Chair
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