Current research topics include manufacturing processes, non-destructive evaluation, computer-aided manufacturing, industrial automation, statistical process control, modeling, process simulation, reliability/quality estimation, polishing and mass finishing processes, rapid prototyping, robotic systems, materials forming and joining processes, ergonomics, human factors engineering, mechanical behavior of materials, and failure analysis.


Research Specialization

Dr. Vikram Cariapa, P.E.

Mass finishing, rapid prototyping, prosthesis design for the spinal cord injured

Dr. Joseph Domblesky, P.E..

Process simulation, metal forming, materials joining

Dr. Kyuil (Kyle) Kim, P.E.

Computer aided manufacturing, industrial automation, sculptured surface machining, statistical process control

Dr. Richard Marklin, C.P.E.

Ergonomics, human factors engineering, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome

Dr. James Rice 

Manufacturing processes, modeling, non-destructive evaluation, simulation


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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering dealing with the analysis, design, manufacture, and improvement of machines.

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Dr. John Borg, P.E.
Department Chair
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