Teams Breakout Rooms: Current and Planned Features

Find out what's available now and what's planned for release for Breakout Rooms in Teams meetings.

Meeting Organizers: Current Features for Breakout Rooms

  • Must use the Microsoft Teams desktop client
  • Schedule private meetings (including recurring) and create private meet-now meetings
  • Set up breakout rooms during an active meeting
  • Create channel meetings and channel meet-now meetings
  • Create up to 50 breakout rooms in a single meeting
  • Add, remove and delete breakout rooms
  • Rename breakout rooms
  • Reassign room participants
  • Change room settings, including automatically move people to room
  • Make announcements
  • Hop between rooms
  • Access chats, files and recordings
  • Reuse breakout room assignments
  • Set up non-channel breakout rooms before a meeting
  • Set a timer

Meeting Organizers: Planned Features for Breakout Rooms 

  • Assign the upcoming role of Meeting Presenter
  • Set up channel breakout rooms before a meeting

Meeting Participants: Current Features for Breakout Rooms

  • Join from web, desktop, mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Support for all in-meeting features
  • Access chats, files and recordings
  • Current limitations:
    • Landline phone callers, desk phones or Teams devices can't join breakout rooms
    • Participants can't add others to meeting chat, copy meeting details, nudge others to the
      meeting or use "call me back"
    • Multi-device join is not supported

Meeting Participants: Planned Features for Breakout Rooms

  • Hop between the main meeting and assigned room without the meeting organizer
  • Guest users can join breakout rooms


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