Create a meeting from a Teams channel

You'll need a Microsoft Teams site to proceed with creating a meeting from a Teams channel. This method for creating a Teams meeting is ideal for recorded meetings, as the Microsoft Stream recording will appear linked in the Teams channel after the video is processed.

What is a Teams channel?

On Microsoft Teams, a channel is a section of a Team, used to collaborate on a specific topic. Below is the Mascot MUsings Team, with three channels:

  1. General channel  — note that every Team has a General channel by default.
  2. Golden Eagle Care and Feeding channel.
  3. Mascot Theory and Practice channel.

    Channels in a Team

Create a Teams channel meeting

  1. In Microsoft Teams, navigate to the Teams channel for your meeting. 
    1. Select the Meet drop-down menu in the top-right corner.
    2. Select Schedule a meeting.

    Select camera icon and choose Schedule a meeting

  2. The New Meeting screen appears.
    1. Give the meeting a title.
    2. If you want to send an invitation and have the meeting appear on member calendars, add members to the "required attendees" field. Otherwise, follow Steps 5 to 9 to notify Teams site members about the meeting.
    3. Adjust the meeting dates, start time and end time.
    4. If you want to create a recurring meeting — a series of meeting which repeats on a regular basis — see instructions for how to schedule recurring Teams channel meetings in Teams Calendar.
    5. Note that when you schedule a channel meeting from the channel, Microsoft Teams automatically sets the Teams channel where the meeting resides. When a channel meeting is made, anyone on the Team can join the meeting.
    6. Add any meeting details in the large text box (optional).

    Create new channel meeting

  3. Click or tap the Send button in the upper right corner. The channel meeting is created.
  4. After the meeting is created, the meeting will appear in a Teams channel conversation. But the Teams site members need to be notified.
  5. To notify Teams site participants of this new meeting, click or tap Reply.

    Click or tap reply

  6. The reply text box appears. Type @team.

    Enter @team

  7. You'll be prompted with the Team's name as a suggestion. Select the Team name.

    Select the Team

  8. Your reply includes a mention of the Team by name, which will notify all Team members.

    Team is listed

  9. After the Team mention in the text box, write a brief note about the meeting. Click or tap the paper airplane icon to send. Now all Team members are notified of the meeting.

Other ways to create Teams meetings


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