Instructors: Create Teams Meetings via D2L

Instructors can create Teams meetings/class sessions right from the D2L course site.


  • Teams meetings/class sessions created via D2L do not place an event on your calendar or student calendars.
  • You only need one Teams meeting/class session for your course section. Just keep re-using the one Teams meeting/class session for the semester. The meeting/class session link works for 60 days since its last use.
  • Teams meetings/class sessions are open to anyone with the "Join Microsoft Meeting" link. Therefore, if you create Teams meetings for office hours, you must create a separate Teams meeting for office hours with each student. After creating the office hours meeting, email the link to the student.
  • Faculty and staff working remotely must be registered for Duo Security to use the D2L Teams Meeting Widget.

Setting up the Teams Meeting Widget on Your D2L Course Site

  1. Login to D2L.
  2. Select a D2L course site. You can click or tap the "waffle" icon to see your course sites.

    Use the waffle icon to select courses
  3. On the D2L course site's home page, look for the Teams Meeting Widget in the right column.

    Click or tap here if you don't see the Teams Meeting Widget...

    1. If you do not see the Teams Meeting Widget, you are using a custom homepage for your D2L course site. Follow these instructions to add the Teams Meeting Widget to your custom homepage.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the course site and select the three-dots icon. From the menu, select Manage Homepages.

      Manage homepages

    3. A list of homepages appears for your D2L course site.
    4. From the homepages list, click or tap the link to your custom homepage.
    5. Scroll to the widgets section. In the right column, click or tap Add Widgets.
    6. Select Teams Meetings and Add.
    7. Drag the Teams Meetings Widget where needed.
    8. Click or tap the Save and Close button.
    9. Confirm the Teams Meeting Widget appears on your course homepage.
  4. From the Teams Meeting Widget, scroll down within the widget to reveal the Sign in button. Click or tap the Sign in button.

    Click or tap Sign-in
  5. If you haven't recently logged in to Microsoft Office 365, you may be prompted to sign in.

    Click or tap here if you need to log into Office 365...

    1. Type in your email address, or select your email address if shown as an option. Click or tap the Next button.

      Sign in with email address

    2. You may be prompted for your password. Enter your Marquette password and click or tap the Sign in button.

      Enter your password

    3. Decide if you want to stay signed in to reduce your number of logins. Select Yes or No.

      Stay signed in prompt: Yes or No

  6. A Microsoft permissions requested window appears. Click the Accept button.

    Grant permission and click accept

Using the Teams Meeting Widget

  1. If needed, scroll down within the Teams Meeting Widget to reveal the Create meeting link button. Click or tap the Create meeting link button.

    Create Meeting Link
  2. You are prompted for new meeting/class session details. Enter a title for the class session or meeting. The title is required. If creating a class session, the title might include the subject code, course number, course section and course name (e.g. ENGL 1002 103 Rhetoric and Composition 2). Set a start and end date and a start and end time for the meeting/class session.

    NOTE: Regardless of the start and end dates and times you enter, once a Teams meeting/class session is created, it can be joined and rejoined at any time or on any day, within 60 days of its last use.

    Click or tap the Create button.

    Add title and select dates and times

  3. Faculty and staff accessing from off-campus may need to verify their identity further with a Duo Security prompt. Select and act upon your Duo method (Send Me a Push, Call Me or Enter a Passcode) to continue.

    Duo Security prompt

  4. A Teams meeting/class session is created.

    Please SCROLL DOWN in the widget to reveal all the details. 

    Do not use the Copy the meeting link button as this button only gives you the join meeting link. Instead, select and copy the linked title of your meeting (the join link), the call-in number, the Conference ID and the additional links, especially Meeting options. Again, be sure to scroll to reveal all meeting details. See the details highlighted in blue in the image below.

    Meeting created, select link and text

    If the meeting/class session details were not copied or if the title was entered incorrectly, simply go back to Step 7 to create another meeting/class session.

    Now that you've created the Teams meeting/class session, you must share the link with your students. You can do this via a Classlist email. Additionally, you can publish News Items on your D2L course homepage.

Email Students the Teams Meeting/Class Session Details

  1. From the top navigation bar, click or tap Classlist. The Classlist screen appears. Click or tap the Email Classlist button.

    Select all

  2. The Email Classlist screen appears with the Student tab selected. To email just students, keep the Student tab selected. If you have other class participants (e.g., additional instructors), click or tap the All tab to email all participants.

    Click or tap the Send Email button to begin composing an email message.  

    Click or tap Send Email button

  3. The Compose New Message window appears. Compose an email to your students. In the email message, specify what time you expect students to join the meeting/class session. Otherwise, the email message may prompt students to join immediately upon receipt. Paste the meeting/class session details from the previous step into the body of message.

    After pasting, note extraneous items may appear. Because the meeting is reusable, remove the date and time from the pasted content in your message. Also, delete the Copy Meeting Link button and New Meeting button. If you intend to create a News Item in D2L (see Step 14), select and recopy the revised meeting details. Click or tap Send.

    D2L email

Optional: Publish a News Item with Meeting/Class Session Detail

  1. Consider posting a News Item to your course homepage with the meeting/class session details for future reference. Return to your D2L course homepage. Add a News Item with the meeting/class session details for future reference. Click or tap the down arrow icon next to News and select New News Item.

    News Item menu

  2. Compose a News Item. Paste the meeting/class session details into the News Item.

    If your computer's clipboard no longer has the meeting/class session details as a copy, you can access D2L Sent Mail to recopy the details.

    Publish the news item.

    Compose News Item

  3. If your D2L course site has frequent News Items, be sure to reorder your news items so the meeting/class session details remain prominent. Click or tap the down arrow icon next to News and select Reorder News Items.

You've successfully created a Teams meeting/class session via D2L. Remember: You only need one Teams meeting/class session for your course section.

How Else Can I Make Teams Meetings/Class Sessions?

There are two other ways to create a Microsoft Teams meeting/class session:

  1. Create the online meeting/class session from a Teams site using a channel.
  2. Create the online meeting/class session from your calendar.


Please contact the IT Services Help Desk for questions about Microsoft Teams.