Editing captions on your Stream video

When you upload a video from your device to Microsoft Stream, captions are generated automatically. Speech recognition isn't perfect, so the captions may have mistakes for the video owner to correct. Before you start, consider reviewing best practices for captioning from the Described Caption and Media Program (DCMP).

Editing automatic captions for accuracy

  1. To edit captions on your own videos, log in to Microsoft Stream.

  2. Select My content > Videos.

    Select My Content > Videos

  3. Your videos appear as a list. Select the video you want to caption edit.

    List of your Microsoft Stream videos to select from

  4. The video page loads with the captions appearing in the Transcript pane on the right. From the Transcript pane, click or tap the pencil icon in the upper right to start editing the captions.

    Click pencil icon to edit captions

  5. Click or tap any caption line in the Transcript pane requiring an edit. In this example, the second caption is selected and becomes editable. The text "Hail All my Mater" can be edited to "Hail Alma Mater."

    Edit the caption

  6. Use the replay icon — a triangular play button surrounded by a circular reverse arrow — to listen to the caption again. Confirm you have accurately transcribed the caption. 

  7. To make the caption change, click or tap Save. To undo your edit, click or tap Discard.

    Save caption change

  8. Once the edit is saved, Stream will display "Changes saved."

    Captions saved

    If you need to edit the same caption again:

    After you save a caption, the just-saved text appears to remain editable. But it's not. If you need to re-edit that caption, click or tap the caption above or below without making changes. Then select the original caption to re-enter edit mode to make and save the additional change.

  9. When finished caption editing, click or tap the checkmark icon in the upper right of the Transcription pane to switch from edit transcript to view transcript.

Downloading the captions file

Need a corrected captions file for use on another video platform, such as Vimeo or YouTube? Follow these steps to download the captions file from Microsoft Stream.

  1.  From Microsoft Stream, navigate to the video. The video's webpage appears. Select the three-dots/more actions icon to reveal a menu. Click or tap Update Video Details.

    Select update video details

  2. The video details page appears. Under the Options pane and in the Captions section, click or tap the Download file link.

    Select download link

  3. A captions file – in the Web VTT format – downloads to your device for use on other video platforms. If you will be uploading the captions file to Vimeo, see the Captions and subtitles instructions from Vimeo Support. For YouTube, see the Add subtitles and captions information from YouTube Help.


Please contact the IT Services TechSquad for questions about Microsoft Stream.