Using Loop Components in Teams Chat

From Teams chat or in meeting chat, you can send a Loop component. Loop components serve as starters for composing content, such as an agenda, checklist, table, task list or paragraph. After sending a Loop component via chat, participants can edit content together in real time.

Note: Loop components are available in both Teams meeting chat and Teams chat. While most students have Teams chat, some faculty and staff do not use Teams chat at this time. (Find out why.) If you are using Skype for Business for chat, you can still experience Loop components during a Teams meeting by using the meeting chat. Also, Loop components are not supported in Teams channel conversations at this time.

Select a Loop component

Underneath the chat text box, select the Loop component icon to reveal a menu of components. Select a component, such as an agenda.

Loop component in Microsoft Teams chat

Create and send a Loop component

A draft of the Loop component appears. Add a title for your Loop component. You can start drafting content to share or leave it as a blank template. At the top of the Loop component is the sharing permission level. The default is "People in your organization with the link can edit." To change the sharing permission, select the text describing the sharing access. A prompt appears allowing you to customize access, such as limiting the Loop component to "People currently in this chat with the link can edit." Click or tap the paper airplane icon to send the Loop component to chat participants.

Loop draft

Collaborate with a Loop component

After adding a Loop component to the chat, you and other chat members can collaboratively edit and view each other's changes in real time. 

Loop agenda

Where are Loop components saved?

Any Loop components that you make in Teams chat or meeting chat automatically save to your OneDrive as a "fluid" file. For example, the Loop component pictured above can be accessed on OneDrive by clicking or tapping the purple-colored "Mascot Agenda" link. You arrive at your Microsoft Teams Chat Files folder on OneDrive, where the Loop component file resides as "Mascot Agenda.fluid."

Fluid file


Video: Loop components in Teams

Watch this seven-minute video to see how Loop Components work in Teams.


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