New Microsoft Teams

Soon Microsoft will introduce New Teams for Windows. New Teams runs faster, letting you join meetings at twice the speed. And you'll see quicker load times on channel posts and chats.

Not sure if your using New Teams or Classic Teams? Look for the "New Teams" switch turned on in the upper-left corner of Microsoft Teams.

New Teams switch is on



Not all features are available yet in New Teams for Windows, such as third-party Teams apps. However, features are being rolled out as they are developed. If a particular feature is missing, return to Classic Teams to use these unavailable features by turning off the "New Teams" switch.

Please remember that making the switch will drop you from a call or meeting.


Check out other enhancements in new Teams — currently for Windows users only


Channel Posts Start at the Top

Create a new post from the top of channel. Posts with the latest activity sort to the top of the channel.

New post at the top of the channel


Focused Channel Post

New Teams for Windows sets the focus on an individual post for reading and replying. To return to the channel for more posts, click or tap the "Go to channel" button.

Focused post

Support for Multiple Teams Accounts

Do you have more than one Teams account? New Teams accommodates logins from other organizations also using Microsoft Teams. You'll receive notifications from all accounts. Join meetings, chats and calls in a single Teams experience.

To set up multiple accounts, click or tap your profile icon in the upper right of Teams. A drop-down menu appears. Select "Add another account" and then sign in to your other organization.


Please contact the IT Services Help Desk for questions about Microsoft Teams.