Record Teams Class/Meeting Sessions

Note to Instructors: Recorded sessions are best done from a Teams site for your class, as the resulting video will have restricted permissions. If your students are members of a Teams site, the video can be limited to Teams site members.

  1. If you don't have a Teams site, you still can record now and request a Teams site later. When the future Teams site is available, you would modify the video permissions to allow members of the future Teams site to access your recordings.
  2. So you've created the online meeting. And you've just successfully joined the meeting. Now it's time to record the session.

    Only meeting organizers (e.g., instructors, staff meeting leaders) and presenters can start and stop the recording. Learn more about roles in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

  3. If you plan to share your screen, click or tap the Share content icon.

    Share in Microsoft Teams

  4. Select a sharing option: Screen, Window, Microsoft Whiteboard or PowerPoint Live. Learn more about these four sharing options. If you plan to present an audio file of video clip, select "Include computer sound." Note that the Whiteboard cannot be recorded, but the final version will remain as part of the meeting. 

    Share content window

  5. Click or tap the three-dots icon for More Actions. A menu appears. Select Start Recording.

    Select More Actions and Start Recording

  6. Announce to participants that the session will be recorded. Teams will prompt you to do this.
  7. A red "recording" dot will appear next to the elapsed meeting time. This record icon indicates your meeting is being recorded. 


  8. Once you are done recording, click or tap the three-dots icon for More Actions.
  9. From the menu, select "Stop Recording." You will be asked to confirm. Click or tap Stop Recording.
  10. A message will appear telling you that the recording is being saved to Microsoft Stream and will be added to the meeting chat. Processing can take some time, depending on the length of the video. You will receive an email from Microsoft Stream when your recording is ready. 

    If you created a Teams channel meeting, the recording will appear in the channel as a post.

    Meeting video in channel

  11. If you need to edit the video or share a video link for a D2L course site, go to Microsoft Stream.
  12. Faculty and staff accessing from off-campus may need to verify their identity further with a Duo Security prompt. Select and act upon your Duo method (Send Me a Push, Call Me or Enter a Passcode) to continue.

    Duo Security prompt

  13. Click or tap My Content > Videos.
  14. You see your list of videos. Note that Microsoft Stream allows you to trim from the beginning and/or end of the recording
  15. Choose a specific video and click or tap the Pencil icon to update video details.
  16. If needed, modify the permissions. Here is where you can grant permission to a future Team class site if you lack one now. If you make changes, be sure to click or tap the Apply button above the permissions section.
  17. Click or tap the Share button. Copy the direct link to the video and share. 


Please contact the IT Services Help Desk for questions about Microsoft Teams.