Share Content in a Teams Meeting

Need to share your screen or content during a Teams meeting? From the meeting window, in the top-right meeting controls, you will see the Share content up-arrow icon. Click or tap the up-arrow icon to share content.

 Share in Microsoft Teams

Sharing options appear. Select a sharing option:

  • Screen: Choose this option to show your entire screen, including notifications and other desktop activity. If you have multiple monitors, you can select from any of your screens.
  • Window: Select the Window tile to list all your windows. Then share just that one window — and no notifications or other desktop activity. This option protects your privacy when sharing.
  • Microsoft Whiteboard: Use this option to sketch and collaborate with others at the same time.
  • PowerPoint Live: Present a PowerPoint file. Select from recent files or upload a presentation.

Sharing options

If you plan to share an audio file or video clip during a Microsoft Teams meeting, you'll want participants to hear the sound from your computer. When setting up content sharing, be sure to activate the "include computer sound" setting. 

View "include computer sound" details (Microsoft Support link).

All audio from your computer — such as the sound from a YouTube video and even notification chimes — will be shared with the meeting participants.

If you forgot to select "Include computer sound" before sharing, you can activate the setting while presenting. Hover your cursor at the top of the screen to reveal the Presenting toolbar. Select the "Include Computer Sound" icon.

Include sound icon

When you're done sharing, return to the top-right meeting controls and select Stop Sharing or Stop Presenting.


Please contact the IT Services TechSquad for questions about Microsoft Teams.