Sharing Teams meeting video recordings with external users

When external users join Teams meetings, these persons outside of Marquette University do not automatically receive access to Teams meeting video recordings.

If you are the meeting organizer, Teams site owner or the person who started the meeting recording, follow these steps to share a Teams meeting video link with external users.

  1. Go to the Teams meeting video recording.
  2. Note that external users cannot access the video directly. You must create a separate link for external users. Open the video you found in Step 1.
  3. The video recording appears. At the top left, above the video, is the command bar. From the command bar, click or tap the Share icon.

    Share icon on video

  4. The "Send link" prompt appears. Enter the email address of the external user into the "To:" field. 

    Send Link prompt

  5. After entering the external email address, Microsoft will display a note stating the user is outside of your organization. Enter any additional external email addresses into the "To:" field. You can also type a brief message (optional).

    External email address added to Send Link prompt

  6. Click or tap Send.
  7. Each external user receives an email message with a link to the video recording. Upon using the link, the external user sees a "Request Verification Code" webpage. The external user clicks or taps the "Send Code" button from this webpage. Then the webpage updates to display a form seeking the verification code. Microsoft sends a verification code email message to the external user's email address. The external user receives the verification code email message and enters the verification code to view the video recording.


Please contact the IT Services Help Desk for questions about Microsoft Teams.

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