Using Spotlight vs. Pin for Teams Meetings

Spotlight a participant in a Teams Meeting (everyone's view)

Use the Spotlight feature in a Teams meeting to put the focus on a specific person for all participants. Only meeting presenters can spotlight a participant. 

Presenters can spotlight up to seven video feeds in a Teams meeting, including your own if you are a presenter.

Watch the Spotlight in Teams Meetings video to see the feature in action.


Pin a participant in a Teams Meeting (your view only)

Use the Pin feature to put the focus on a participant in your view only of the Teams meeting.

  1. While in the Teams meeting, from the meeting controls, click or tap Show Participants.
  2. In the Participants column, click or tap the three-dots icon to reveal a menu.
  3. From the drop down menu, select Pin. The pinned participant becomes the focus in your view (and only your view) regardless of the speaker. To unpin, repeat these three steps and select Unpin.

Pin participant


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