Accessing video recordings for Teams channel meetings

Channel meeting optionsOn Microsoft Teams, a channel is a section of a Team site, used to collaborate on a specific topic. 

Teams channel meetings are created from a channel by selecting either the "Meet now" option or "Schedule a meeting" option.

Instructors: Teams channel meetings are the recommended way to schedule online class meetings.

Teams channel meeting recordings are saved to the Teams site. When a recording is ready, a conversation post will appear in the channel with a link to the video recording. Click or tap the video in the post.

Channel meeting post

A window will open. Click or tap the play icon to watch the video recording.

Teams channel meeting video window

Where will Teams channel meeting recordings be saved?

Teams channel meeting recordings will be saved on the Teams site. Go to the Teams channel where the meeting occurred. (In the example pictured below, it's the General channel.)

  1. Select the Files tab.
  2. Go into the Recordings folder to view video recordings.

Recordings location on Teams channel


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