Accessing video recordings for Teams meetings that do not use a Teams channel

Teams meetings can be created using Microsoft Outlook scheduling. In those cases, Teams meetings do not use a Teams channel. So video recordings will be saved to the OneDrive for Business account of the person who selected the record option.

Note to Instructors

The recommended way to create class meetings in Teams is to schedule Teams channel meetings. You can even schedule a recurring Teams channel meeting to match your class meeting pattern.

If you do use Outlook to schedule Teams meetings for classes, be sure you are the one who records the meeting to centralize videos to your OneDrive for Business account.


When a Teams meeting video is ready on OneDrive, participants are notified in Teams chat. Clicking or tapping the "Recording is ready" notification takes you to the video recording link.

Chat notification of recording

Note that some Microsoft Teams users — usually faculty or staff — lack the Teams chat icon, as they use Skype for Business for chat messaging. The person who recorded the meeting should share a link to the meeting recording with these participants. See the next section to learn how to share a Teams meeting video recording link via OneDrive for Business.

Where will Teams meetings recordings that do not use a Teams channel be saved?

If you recorded the meeting, follow these steps to reach the location of the Teams video recording for non-channel meetings.

  1. Log in your OneDrive for Business account.
  2. Scroll to the Recordings folder and select it.

    OneDrive Recordings folder

  3. Video recording files appear. Skim the list of videos for your video. Click or tap the name of your video to view it. 

    OneDrive recordings list of videos

  4. The video recording appears. If you need to share the video, click or tap the Share icon in the upper left.

    OneDrive video recording

Identifying video files from the OneDrive Recordings list

If you recorded the meeting and your video is recent, select the Modified column header and from the drop-down menu. Choose "Newer to older" to sort the most recent video files to the top.

Newer to Older sort

Note that the video filename includes the meeting name, the numeric meeting date and the recording time presented in military time format. So the video filename of Team Iggy Check In-20210727_183702-Meeting Recording.mp4 includes:

  • the meeting name ("Team Iggy Check In")
  • the July 27, 2021 meeting date ("20210727") and
  • the local recording start time of 2 seconds past 6:37 p.m. ("183702" where the "18" is 6 p.m. in military time format).


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