Teams Meeting Video Recordings to Move to Teams Recordings Folder or OneDrive

Microsoft Teams lets an organizer or presenter record Teams meetings, capturing the session's audio, video and screen sharing. As of Monday, August 16, 2021, these Teams meeting video recordings are no longer saved to the Microsoft Stream video platform. Microsoft required this move in mid-August 2021, which will use two destinations for video recordings.

  1. Teams channel meetings are saved to the Microsoft Teams site under the channel's Files tab in the Recordings folder.
  2. Teams meetings that do not use a Teams channel — such as scheduling a Teams meeting via Outlook — are saved on OneDrive for Business. The person who selected the "start recording" option in the meeting has the video in his or her OneDrive account in the Recordings folder.

See additional changes related to the move for Teams video recordings, such as sharing with persons outside of Marquette University, recording notifications and closed captioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why the change?

Microsoft is requiring this move in mid-August 2021 to allow the option to share Teams meeting recordings with persons outside of Marquette University. Also, the switch allows meeting recordings to be available faster than with Microsoft Stream.

What will happen to my previously recorded videos on Microsoft Stream?

According to Microsoft, the videos that currently live in Stream will stay there until a method is available to move them to one of the two new solutions described above.

Can I still use Microsoft Stream?

The interim, yes. Students, faculty and staff can continue to use Stream — which is now Classic Microsoft Stream — to view past videos and upload videos from their devices. However, Microsoft is working on a new Stream video platform for future use.

What is a Teams channel meeting?

On Microsoft Teams, a channel is a section of a Team site, used to collaborate on a specific topic. Teams channel meetings are created from a channel by selecting either the "Meet now" option or "Schedule a meeting" option. Learn more about accessing Teams channel meeting video recordings.

What is a Teams meeting that does not use a Teams channel?

Teams meetings can be created using Microsoft Outlook scheduling. In those cases, Teams meetings do not use a Teams channel. So video recordings will be saved on the OneDrive for Business account of the person who selected the record option. Learn more about accessing Teams meeting video recordings that do not use a Teams channel.

Who gets access to Teams meeting video recordings?

  • If the video recording was a Teams channel meeting, then all members of the channel will have permission to view the video.
  • If the video recording was scheduled in Outlook, then everyone who was invited to the meeting, except external users (persons outside of Marquette University), will have permission to view the video.
  • External users need a separate sharing link created to gain access to the video recording.

Will I receive an email when my video recording is ready?

No, that email notification was part of the classic Microsoft Stream. Instead, a link to the recording will show in the Teams site channel (if a Teams channel meeting) or in Teams chat (if the meeting did not use a Teams channel).

Have more questions?

Please contact the IT Services TechSquad for questions about Microsoft Teams.