Upcoming Features for Microsoft Teams

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The features may not be available today but are planned for upcoming updates of Microsoft Teams. 

  • New Teams Calls

    For students, faculty and staff who use Teams calls and chat, Microsoft Teams will unify calling features into a single interface. You will have easy access to the phone dial pad, calling history, voicemail, contacts, speed dial and call settings. Available in late 2020 or spring 2021.

    New Teams Calls

    Other upcoming call features include:
    • Spam Call Detection: Teams calling will flag potential spam calls, saving you from wasteful intteruptions.
    • Real-time Reverse Number Look-up: Teams will automatically display the a caller's name before you pick up and will store the name in your activity feed and voicemail.
    • Transfer Calls between Mobile and Desktop: If you take a Teams call on your mobile device, you can switch the call to your desktop or vice versa.
    • Call Merge: Bring several different one-to-one calls together into a single call.
    • Low-data Mode: In early 2021, you can cap the amount of data used during video calls and create different settings based on network availability (e.g., set one data cap for cellular and a different cap for Wi-Fi access).
  • Live Reactions

    Participants in a Teams meeting can use animated emojis during meetings that appear for everyone. Available in late 2020 or spring 2021.

    The current Raise Hand option will change into a reactions icon to let you raise your hand, laugh, applaud, heart and like.

    Teams Live Reactions

    Select a reaction and the animated icon will appear for all participants.

    Live reactions

  • Dynamic View

    You will have more control over how you see shared content, such as a presentation, and participant video feeds in a Teams meeting. Available in late 2020 or spring 2021.

    Dynamic View

  • Whiteboard update: Faster load times, sticky notes, text and drag and drop features. Allows participants who lack access to a touchscreen or Surface Hub to participate in whiteboarding sessions during Teams meetings. Available in late 2020 or spring 2021.


  • Chat Bubbles: Chats sent during a Teams meeting will surface on the screens of all meeting participants. Participants won't have to manually open a chat window to view meeting chats in Teams. Available in late 2020 or spring 2021.


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