Use Teams with a Speaker Phone

When using a speaker phone in a classroom or conference room, the speaker phone call may be placed on hold in the lobby for the online session/meeting. You as instructor or staff meeting leader or another Marquette participant should join the meeting early with the Teams software. Joining early with the Teams desktop software ensures lobby bypass for the speaker phone.

If you're joining on a speaker phone in a conference room and on your laptop via the Teams software at the same, be sure to mute the microphone on your laptop. Having two active microphones in the same room will create audio problems for all meeting participants.

Instructors and meeting leaders also can begin the meeting via speaker phone, using their individual Teams PIN for audio conferencing. If you don't know your PIN, learn how to reset the Teams PIN.

Joining a Teams Audio Conference as an Instructor/Staff Meeting Organizer

  1. Go to your calendar in Outlook on the Web Calendar, Microsoft Outlook calendar or Microsoft Teams calendar.
  2. Double-click to fully open the specific calendar event item for your online class session/meeting. If you single-click, a pop-up preview of the event may appear, and the preview may not show you what you need.
  3. Details will appear, as pictured below. Note the call-in phone number and Conference ID.

    Meeting Options

  4. Using the speaker phone keypad, enter the Conference ID, including the "#" pound sign. If you are using the Teams PIN to start the meeting, press star. You will be prompted to enter your five-digit PIN followed by the # pound sign.
  5. The speaker phone will join the online class session/meeting.


Please contact the IT Services TechSquad for questions about Microsoft Teams.