Changing video expiration dates from the OneDrive recordings folder

Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive may be set to expire, sending the video to the recycling bin for 90 days before deletion. Follow these steps to modify the video's expiration settings from a OneDrive Recordings folder.

  1. You must be the OneDrive video owner to follow these steps. Open your web browser to 
  2. A list of your OneDrive files and folders appears. Open the Recordings folder (or the folder where your video recording resides, if moved from the Recordings folder).

    OneDrive My Files

  3. A list of video recordings appears. Identify the video recording to edit. Select the three-dots/more actions icon for the video recording.

    OneDrive three dots icon

  4. A drop-down menu appears. Select Details.

    OneDrive details

  5. The detail pane opens on the left. Note the expiration date. If the video lists "no expiration" then no further action is needed to prevent expiration. If the video lists an expiration date and you want to change it, click or tap the expiration date field.

    OneDrive expiration date

  6. Select from the menu options to extend the expiration. Options include "Extend by 7 days," "Extend by 30 days," "Extend by 60 days" and "Select a date." Or set the video recording to "No expiration" so that the video never expires. The change saves automatically.

    OneDrive expiration date menu

  7. Close the details pane by clicking the "x" icon in the upper right of the details pane. You're done with changing the expiration date.

    X icon to close


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