• Search committee will review candidate pool and identify semi-finalists
  • President Lovell and search committee will conduct semi-finalist interviews off-campus
  • President Lovell and search committee will identify finalists
  • Finalists will make campus visit and have the opportunity to meet a broad cross-section of the Marquette community
  • Those invited to participate in finalist visits will submit online feedback
  • President Lovell and search committee will review and discuss online feedback
  • President Lovell will make an offer to a finalist


JUNE 2019

  • Position is posted in the following places:
    • Marquette website
    • AJCU website
    • ACCU website
  • Search committee conducted outreach to the following groups:
    • Presidents of AJCU schools
    • Provosts of AJCU schools
    • Heads of mission and ministry at AJCU schools
    • Provincials of the Jesuit Provinces in the USA
    • Socii of the Jesuit Provinces in the USA
    • AJCU leadership
    • ACCU leadership
    • Current and emeriti Jesuit members of the Marquette Board of Trustees
    • Jesuit Community at Marquette
    • Office of Mission and Ministry at Marquette

MAY 2019

  • With President Lovell's approval, search committee used Opportunity and Challenge Profile to recruit candidates
  • Search committee discussed the Opportunity and Challenge Profile
  • Search committee utilized feedback from listening sessions and online submissions to develop Opportunity and Challenge Profile

APRIL 2019

  • Search committee conducted listening sessions between April 15 – May 8 with the following:
    Affiliated ministries
    Jesuit community
    Mission and Ministry staff
  • Search committee held first meeting
  • Search committee announced