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The Office of Mission and Ministry invited faculty and administrators to contribute short monographs that explore the Catholic and Jesuit identity of Marquette.  They are presented for three purposes:  1) So that individuals who are members of the Marquette Community and alumni/ae can understand some of the rich dimensions of Marquette’s identity; 2) Small groups might use different articles for discussion to explore the Catholic Jesuit tradition of Marquette; and 3) These articles might spur an individual or groups to explore in greater depth some of the aspects of Marquette’s identity. 

The Office of Mission and Ministry through our website or through contacting our office will provide references for exploring these topics in greater depth. 

Allow these articles to take you on a trip to explore the meaning of Marquette as a Catholic Jesuit Univeristy.


Who is St. Ignatius? - Fr. Doug Leonhardt, S.J.

What is Ignatian Spirituality? - Fr. Dough Leonhardt, S.J.

What are the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius? - Dr. Stephanie Russell

What is the Examen of Consciousness? - Dr. Kathy Coffey-Guenther

What is Ignatian Pedagogy? - Dr. Susan Mountin

What are some Memorable Moments in the History of Marquette? - Dr. Tom Jablonski

What is the History of Women at Marquette? - Dr. Amy Cooper Cary

What is DIversity at Marquette University? - Dr. William Welburn

Why is Education outside the Classroom a part of Jesuit Education? - Fr. Andrew Thon, S.J.

What is Ignatian Discernment? - Fr. Doug Leonhardt, S.J.

What is the Catholic Intellectual Tradition? - Dr. Patrick Carey



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Marquette's Mission

Dedicated to serving God by serving our students, faculty, and staff, Marquette University contributes to the advancement of knowledge by searching for truth, discovering and sharing knowledge, fostering personal and professional excellence, promoting a life of faith, and developing service leadership in others.

At Marquette, we believe the pursuit of excellence is a lifelong endeavor and education needs to encompass the whole person, through formation of the hearts and minds. We are committed to the unfettered pursuit of truth under the mutually illuminating powers of human intelligence and Christian faith. All members of the Marquette community, from every faith tradition, give concrete expression to these beliefs by giving of themselves in service to those in need.

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