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Mission Week 2013: The World is our Home

Each year, Marquette University devotes a week to the exploration of its Catholic and Jesuit mission. This year, the university was privileged to honor the 10 recipients of the Opus Prize in faith-based social entrepreneurship. With an innovative spirit and abiding faith, these women and men have fought seemingly intractable global issues such as poverty, illiteracy, hunger, disease and violations of human rights.

Inspired by the words of Rev. Jerome Nadal, S.J., a close companion of St. Ignatius Loyola, the theme of Mission Week 2013 — The World is our Home — reflects the Catholic conviction that the spirit of God permeates every corner of creation, if only we have eyes and ears to recognize the gift. Father Nadal's sentiment distills into one succinct phrase the beauty and suffering that inhabit our world and calls us to live in deep solidarity with others. Truly, the world is our home — and it is this sense of mission and loving familiarity with the world that Marquette claims and celebrates during Mission Week.