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In the fall of 2014, Marquette’s professional master’s degree program in Computing began an exciting new Integrated Practicum curriculum path. Through this option, financial assistance is available in the form of part-time employment to students with employable IT skills. This program is available to all students, including International students on an F-1 visa.

This curriculum path allows students to build practical knowledge through significant job assignments while building fundamental knowledge through academics. In this unique dual-path option, students begin their professional careers while continuing to enrich their fundamental knowledge of IT and computing.

We introduce students to potential participating employers. Working with their employers and academic advisers, students enroll in academic courses relevant to the skills and knowledge required to excel in their work assignments.

Why should you apply for this option?

  • Use your current skills to enable future opportunities faster: With employable skills, you could work full time and attend graduate school part time. This delays receiving a degree. Our experience is that the most aggressive part-time students take more that three years and four years plus occurs frequently.
  • Thinking beyond undergraduate course work: Companies seek employees that can be thought leaders. Leadership requires knowledge about cutting-edge technologies. Advanced technology and concepts are the “meat and potatoes” of graduate school programs. Graduate study stimulates the thought process. Through topics courses and seminars that examine innovative technologies, you will receive the inspiration, knowledge, and skills to invent. Personal interaction with our research faculty will enhance the lessons learned in class. Through courses addressing agile processes and the practical experience of this option, you will be able to turn invention into innovation by rapidly delivering benefits
  • Breaking barriers to technical excellence: We examined what was keeping students from pursuing knowledge of cutting-edge technology in graduate school. It was mostly financial. We have also seen how the pressures of full time work, a personal life, and part time study can strain the student and delay acquiring the knowledge needed today until tomorrow. This program accelerates gaining the knowledge of technology and its application. You will simultaneously start a career and attend graduate school with financial assistance.
  • Information Technology is a profession: Our curriculum addresses the business and technical needs of organizations seeking to use IT as a component of business strategy. Students learn best practices for business alignment, governance, change management, development, and operations while learning about the latest technology such as big data, predictive analytics, and mobile. Plus, we offer courses in core graduate school topics such as software project management, information security, and software quality assurance.
  • This is a novel approach to becoming a future leader:  This new option is a blend of concepts from graduate assistantships, internships, and co-op programs. Participating employers hire students to work part time while they are pursuing their MS degree full-time. We supply the course work to enable you to exceed expectations and become a future leader. That’s the bottom line—together, we can build the future leadership for IT.




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