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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
(MSCS) at Marquette University. We are the university’s leaders in creating
computationally-based research collaborations that bridge disciplinary boundaries.
The diverse educational and research opportunities in our naturally interdisciplinary
department are enhanced by the research programs of associated faculty on the
Marquette campus and Milwaukee area research laboratories. As part of our national
outreach, MSCS is proud to host the NSF-funded Computation Across the Disciplines
Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Our undergraduate studies section contains links to descriptions of MSCS
undergraduate majors, which include computational mathematics; computer science; data science and mathematics (Bachelors of Science); and mathematics for elementary school teachers major (Bachelors of Arts). While official undergraduate and graduate program information is found in the various university bulletins; current undergraduate students find our unofficial undergraduate handbooks very helpful. The undergraduate handbooks contain advising information, including sample curriculum, and other useful items.

The graduate studies section contains descriptions of graduate study that we offer in
Computational Sciences (M.S. and Ph.D.), Applied Statistics (M.S.; continued study available under Computational Sciences), Bioinformatics (M.S.; continued study available under Computational Sciences), Computing (M.S.) and Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers (M.S.). During the academic year, we have a speaker series, which is free and open the public.

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Summer Research Experience

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science hosts a Summer Research Experience (REU) for Undergraduates. This program provides undergraduates with an intensive, faculty-mentored, summer research experience in the areas of applied mathematics, high-performance computing, statistics, ubiquitous systems and mathematics education. Learn more