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Our latest career change initiative is an option we call COSMIC (Career Change Start MS in Computing). This is identifuied as a specialization for Career Change Opportunity in the application process and the Graduate Bulletin. COSMIC begins with a study of the Foundations of Computing to prepare you for our MS in Computing program. In particular, this option provides the prerequisites for the MS in Computing program with a 7-credit foundations course we intend to offer beginning Summer 2017. Students in this program must enroll in 35 additional credits after the Foundations course and meet all of the graduation requirements to complete the program.

Start a new career with a Master of Science in Computing.

Learn the skills needed to make a career change into the thriving digital economy with Marquette University’s two-year graduate program in IT.

The number of computer and information technology jobs is projected to grow 12 percent, to 4.4 million jobs, by 2024. These are high-paying jobs with a median annual wage of more than $80,000 for computer and information technology occupations*.

In today’s technology-driven world, employers are placing a greater emphasis on cloud computing, the collection and storage of big data, the demand for mobile computing, and more everyday items being connected to the internet.

Computing professionals are the people behind the GPS in your car, the smartphone in your hand or the iPad in your office. The Master of Science in Computing program provides students a smooth transition from a liberal arts or science background to a career in computing.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics



Start with our new Fundamentals of Computing course, a boot camp experience that does not require any prior academic study in computing or programming experience.

Foundations of Computing Course Description

Many individuals considering a career change into computing have wondered exactly what they ought to study to enable the change. To address their needs, we have planned a Foundations of Computing course that includes study of the topics to be successful in the MS in Computing program.

However, this course can be an introduction to computing for anyone, not just those wishing to make a career change into computing. If you have thought about a programming boot camp or if you were looking for an opportunity to understand how computing is done without siting through all of the formal classes in computer science, this course can serve as your introduction. You will learn the basic technology that places computers and computing at the center of nearly all enterprises today.

The Foundations of Computing is an intense summer-long course delivered in a boot camp style. Students will meet every day for a full workday throughout the summer.

The course includes an introduction to, and experience with, all of the following:


Complete the boot camp experience and begin work on Marquette’s Master of Science in Computing degree. This career-changing degree has been offered for more than 15 years and can lead to promising opportunities. COSMIC is a 42-credit program where students have the opportunity to select a study focus (called a specialization): Big Data and Analytics, or Information Assurance and Cyber Defense. These optional specializations account for about 18 credits of the program’s 42 credits. Students do not need to select another specialization.


For qualified low-income students, scholarships are available through a National Science Foundation grant, to help defray boot camp and other educational expenses. In addition, students meet employers while studying computing concepts — a powerful combination that enhances learning.

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