"America’s economic prosperity, national security, and our individual liberties depend on our commitment to securing cyberspace and maintaining an open, interoperable, secure, and reliable Internet. ”

President Obama

The goal of our academic activities in Information Assurance(IA) and Cyber Defense (CD) is to promote knowledge, research and careers in securing the nation's critical infrastructure. Our research and community outreach promote understanding the needs, threats, and defensive actions that can be used to protect technical infrastructure. Our degree specialization responds to the regional and national need to prepare a growing number of IA/CD professionals to reduce vulnerabilities in the nation’s infrastructure.

At the third annual State of Wisconsin Cyber security Summit on the Marquette campus, there was a focus on power grids, information databases, communications networks, and utilities, but the underlying theme was expanding knowledge.

Our specialization in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense is designed to establish the knowledge about cyber security planning and management and cyber issues and defenses for networks, databases, and computing infrastructure. The required courses for this specialization reflect this broad technical perspective. While studying theory and performing classroom exercises serve to provide foundational knowledge, practical experience reinforces understanding. Our program requires students to demonstrate their understanding through a practical, professional experience. Here are the requirements for this specialization:

SPECIALIZATION: Information Assurance and Cyber Defense

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