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Colloquium talks will be held in the Katharine Reed Cudahy Building, Room 401 on the Marquette University campus. Please address inquiries/suggestions to Dr. Perouli.

Colloquium dates and speakers for Fall 2018 - Unless specified, the talks will begin at 2:00pm CT in Room 401 at Cudahy Hall.


September 21th at 2:00 - Michael Zimmer, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Pervasive Data Ethics for Computational Research

October 5th at 2:00 - Jenna Tague, Department of Mathematics, Fresno State University, Where Do Rate of Change Understandings Begin?

October 11th at 2:00 - Daniel Gervini, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Functional Data Methods for Replicated Point Processes

Otctober 26th at 2:00 - Debaleena Chattopadhyay, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois - Chicago, Designing Beyong the Desktop Technologies for Older Adults

November 9th at 2:00 - Noah Schweber, Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Cardinal Characteristics and Computability

November 16th at 2:00 - Banabithi Bose, Md Kamrul Hasan and Xuyong Yu, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, Marquette University, miRNAdriver: Copy Number Derived microRNA-Gene Interactions in Cancer, Develop a Novel Feature Extraction Techniques for the Fingertip Videos and Apply Artificial Neural Network to Build Hemoglobin Prediction Model and A Kolmogorov-Smirnov Based Test using FFT to Evaluate Electrode-tissue Contact Force.

November 30th at 2:00 - Yichao Wu, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois - Chicago, Nonparametric estimation of multivariate mixtures

December 7th at 2:00 - Andrew Brown, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, Bayesian Spatial Binary Regression for Label Fusion in Structural Neuroimaging

December 12th at 12:00 - Ziynet Kesimoglu and Md Manzur R. Farazi, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, Marquette University, Cancer Subtype Prediction Methodology and Machine Learning Techniques of Analyzing Spectroscopy Data for Age Estimation of Anopheles Arabiensis Mosquito







Summer Research Experience

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science hosts a Summer Research Experience (REU) for Undergraduates. This program provides undergraduates with an intensive, faculty-mentored, summer research experience in the areas of applied mathematics, high-performance computing, statistics, ubiquitous systems and mathematics education. Learn more