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Full-Time Tuition Rates

Per Term

Programs Tuition
Dental Graduate Programs    
  Endodontics $9,720
  Orthodontics (continuing) $9,760
Orthodontics (incoming) $9,960
Periodontics $8,360
  Prosthodontics $5,420
Engineering Cooperative Education   $30
(091, 093, 095, 097) (per work term)    
Freshman Frontier Program    
  Credit Courses (per course) $2,250
Graduate Courses    
(per credit hour)    
  Master of Business Administration Program $1,205
  Education Graduate Program $900
  All other programs in the Graduate School $1,205
  Continuous Enrollment (full- and part-time) $100
Students in DPT/MPT/PHAS (professional phase) are not charged for summer program courses. Tuition for courses taken in summer by students in the Physicians Assistant program will be billed during the 2019-2020 fall and spring terms with the tuition charges for those terms. This billing will allow students to make maximum use of available financial aid funds. Any student who should leave the program after the summer term will be responsible for the summer portion of that tuition and will be billed by the university appropriately.
Law School Courses   $1,935
(per credit hour)    
Les Aspin Center, Washington, D.C.   $7,300
($400 deposit required)  
(Includes tuition $4,500, housing $2,050 & administrative fee $350)    
Undergraduate Courses   $750
(per credit hour)    





The Office of the Bursar produces semester bills, processes student payments and credits student accounts with financial aid. Semester bills include tuition, housing charges, and other applicable fees.

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