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We know that applying for (and receiving) financial aid can be a complicated and daunting task. The guides below have been put together to make some of financial aid's more common tasks easier to understand. Take a look!

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Follow these Easy Steps to...

Accepting Your Aid on CheckMarq - The first step in receiving financial aid is Applying for Aid. Things aren't done there, however! Follow these steps do to Accept your Aid.

Managing Your To-Do List - Documents required for financial aid may be listed on the To Do List in CheckMarq. Be sure to check your Emarq account and your To Do list often.

Getting a Job - Be sure to check JobConnection frequently for new updates, apply to as many positions as you possibly can, and keep applying until you’ve actually been hired to a job on campus.

Applying for a Parent PLUS Loan - The Parent PLUS Loan is a federal loan that a parent of a dependent undergraduate student can use to help pay education expenses. Follow the steps below to apply for a Parent PLUS Loan once the financial aid award has been viewed on CheckMarq.

Applying for a Grad PLUS Loan - The Grad PLUS Loan is a federal loan for graduate and professional students. Here are the steps to take once you have viewed your financial aid award on CheckMarq.

Checking Your Satisfactory Academic Progress - Marquette University is required by federal regulation to apply qualitative and quantitative standards in measuring academic progress for financial aid purposes. Check your status with these steps.



The Office of Student Financial Aid provides undergraduate and graduate students with resources about types of financial aid and student employment.

FAFSA School Code: 003863

Questions or for more information, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid