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After you've used JobConnection several times do you still find that: positions are already filled when you get there; the employer is considering several people and you aren't called; you can't find anything you're interested in; the job doesn't pay enough; or you don't have appropriate experience?

Keep trying. New positions are added every day. Don't exclude off-campus (or on campus) positions. Pick up your Job Referral and Salary Authorization forms the next working day after you order them! Don't wait several days before setting up an interview. As an alternative to JobConnection, you may wish to contact various departments or businesses directly. Many employers hire through personal contacts. Call the employer back if you don't hear from them after a few days.

If you aren't hired ... re-evaluate your interviewing skills. What you do and say during the first 10 seconds of an interview may determine whether you are hired. Serious job candidates take the job search seriously. The first impression is a lasting impression. Dress appropriately and be on time for the interview. Prepare for the interview by re-reading the job description and reviewing your own skills and abilities.

If you are having difficulty obtaining a job in your selected area of interest, you may wish to re-evaluate your present goals. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that you enjoy a job in which you didn't think you had an interest. Taking a position in a different area of interest will provide you with varied employment experiences.

Money isn't everything. If you feel the job is underpaid, you may be right. However, a job provides much more than just wages. By working (regardless of the pay, including volunteer work) you obtain valuable interpersonal skills, job training, and a sense of what you like and don't like in a job. All of these factors are helpful when you seek employment after graduation.

If you don't have enough experience, there are several options. You can accept a lower-level position, consider doing volunteer work to gain experience, join committees or organizations that deal with your interest and talk to people who are employed in the field in which you are interested. Find out how they got to where they are.



The Marquette University Student Employment Services is one of the units within the Office of Student Financial Aid and has the following responsibilities:

  • Help students secure employment for the purpose of offsetting educational expenses.
  • Help students obtain career related and practical work experience.
  • List (through JobConnection) of on and off campus job vacancies.
  • Ensure university-wide compliance with student employment policies and procedures, and to recommend and implement revisions.
  • Recommend and implement procedures for compliance with federal, state, and university regulations regarding student employment, Federal Work Study, and/or the Job Location and Development programs.
  • Help student employees understand their responsibilities and commitment to their jobs and their employer.

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