Programs/Courses Offered at Alternative Locations

All academic classes are required to be taught on the Marquette campus, unless an alternative location has been approved. The process described in this policy must be completed before any degree program or class may be offered at the alternative locations.

Due to the timing required to complete this approval, the process should begin no later than six months prior to the planned semester to begin an off-campus degree program and one semester prior to the planned semester to teach any class off-campus; however, given that the approval process includes departments of the federal government, it is advisable that the alternative location be approved during the annual curriculum cycle.

Approval Process:

  1. Notify the Director of Student Financial Aid (OSFA), who will register the location with the DOE, if applicable.
  2. Notify the University Veteran's Liaison (UVL), who will coordinate approval with the VA.
  3. Notify the Vice Provost for Teaching and Undergraduate Programs of the location for any degree program offerings, who has final approval of the location and, if applicable will report the location to the Higher Learning Commission.
  1. The degree program table will be updated in CheckMarq to indicate that the program has been approved to be offered in an alternative location.
  2. The location will be added to CheckMarq and the location will be used when scheduling classes for the appropriate term.

Termination Process:

Approved by the Provost on April 2, 2013


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