determining course equivalency

The admitting office (normally Office of Undergraduate Admissions) checks CTS to see if the course equivalency has previously been determined.

If a course has been previously reviewed and resides in CTS, the “award” is based on prior determination. (This assumes nothing has changed with the course since it was initially evaluated. If something has changed, the course will be re-evaluated.)

If a course has no equivalency listed in CTS, the course is forwarded to the Office of the Registrar (OTR) who enters it into the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) and routes it to the approved contact in each college.  If the transfer course has no matching discipline (subject) at Marquette, the OTR sends the course to the most closely aligned Marquette academic department and afterward to the UCCS Director, if appropriate. If it is determined by the academic department that the subject is not appropriate for review,  or the UCCS Director does not see the course as eligible to satisfy a UCCS requirement, then the course is recorded as transfer general elective credit. If a requirement in a college or major can be fulfilled by the content of the elective course, then the college may accept the course toward that requirement for the specific college or major; it is recorded as such in the transfer system and accepted for all future students in only that college or designated major.

The course evaluator is expected to evaluate the course and approve an equivalency within the assigned TES evaluation task.  Once forwarded to OTR, the equivalency will be entered into TES.  An e-mail is generated by the OTR and sent to the evaluator if the equivalency has not been entered by the third day. Course equivalency must be entered within the next 2 business days (5 total business days from receipt of the course description).

If the evaluator believes the course should be evaluated by a different college, the course is forwarded to that college via TES. If the second college believes the course does not belong to that college, the course is returned to the OTR for reassessment and determination of the next appropriate department. 

If the evaluator cannot make a determination because the information in the description is insufficient, the evaluator can request further information from the OTR or assign general credit to the course (e.g. PHIL 9290).

Criteria for Determining Equivalency

Evaluators determine whether the course content meets or exceeds a two-thirds match with an existing Marquette course, using the course description.

If the two-thirds threshold is met, the evaluator assigns the direct course equivalency consistent with the match.

In some cases, such as a math course, a higher degree of similarity (e.g., 90%) may be required to establish a match.

Should the course not meet the pre-determined thresholds to match a specific Marquette course, the evaluator is asked to determine if the course may fulfill the UCCS learning objectives within a particular knowledge area.  If the evaluator is unsure, the course may be forwarded to the UCCS Director for a determination.

If a course is determined to meet the learning outcomes for the knowledge area (though not a specific MU course), the course is assigned an equivalency that fulfills the Core requirement, but not assigned a direct Marquette course equivalency.

If a course does not meet the learning outcomes for the knowledge area, the course is assigned an equivalency such as general credit without fulfilling Core requirement.

Approved:  May 2015


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