Office of the Registrar and Undergraduate admissions transfer Evaluation Process

Undergraduate (UG) Admissions is responsible for the accurate routing and posting of courses/credits to the records of new students.

1. Enter courses into students record >External Education Page.

2. If the course has to be added into CheckMarq, continue with normal process >School Course Classification.

3. If there is no equivalent for a course, continue with normal process for adding an equivalent in Transfer Subject Area.

a. Enter NONE 9210-OTR Transfer course as a placeholder. The PMAIL will still be sent to the colleges every day, but they will not see any courses to evaluate for their specific college. This will be a placeholder course for the time being.

b. After you’ve reached this step, continue on to Course Credits Automated.

c. UG Admissions will continue to fetch until all courses have been evaluated in Course Credits Automated and save.

d. UG Admissions will continue to generate an admissions report every 3 days to check for new students who have credit to post to their records.

e. Once a student has credit posted to their records, they will appear on the OTR query (MU_CTS_POSTED_CREDITS).

f. The records for all Freshman students will appear in Slate and any transcripts will be held until further notice.

g. Transfer student records will be entered in PeopleSoft (PS).

4. The OTR query (MU_CTS_POSTED_CREDITS) can be run as often as the college offices deem necessary, best practice would be to run the query once a week and use it to adjust awards as needed (e.g. 2 for 1 course evaluations).

a. University Core of Common Studies course decisions cannot be adjusted.


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