MUID number for new employees and others

Effective July 11, 2011, to more efficiently add new employees and others to MyJob and/or CheckMarq, and assign MUID numbers and e-mail address, there are two distinct processes in place. The Marquette Card Office no longer generates MUID numbers and will not issue MUID cards to individuals who do not appear in MyJob and/or CheckMarq and who do not have the Marquette University MUID Authorization Card.

Employees Paid by Marquette University

The Department of Human Resources will enter data for employees scheduled to receive payment from Marquette University into MyJob. The Employee Data Form (EDF) and Salary Authorization must be forwarded to HR by the hiring department to add the individual to MyJob. The hiring department may submit the paperwork up to eight months in advance of the employee's start date. Once the Department of Human Resources receives the appropriate paperwork and the individual is added to MyJob, an MUID number and an e-mail address will be generated the next day. Please submit the appropriate paperwork well in advance of the start date.

Individuals Not Paid by Marquette University: Courtesy Appointments, Jesuits, ROTC Members, Sodexo, Temporary Visitors (i.e. Auditors, Consultants and Vendors on site for more than one week)

The Office of the Registrar (OTR) will enter data for individuals not paid by Marquette University into CheckMarq. The MUID Number: Non-Marquette Employees form must be forwarded to the OTR by the host college/school/department to add the individual to CheckMarq. Once the appropriate paperwork is received and the individual is added to CheckMarq, an MUID number and an e-mail address will be generated n 2 to 3 business days. Please submit the appropriate paperwork at least one week in advance of the individual's start date.

Employees Paid by Marquette and Not Paid by Marquette

Once an individual's data has been entered in to MyJob (by HR) and/or CheckMarq (by OTR) and an MUID number has been generated, the individual can be directed to the Marquette Card Office with a signed Marquette University MUID Authorization Card and photo ID to receive a Marquette University ID card.

If the individual also requires access to CheckMarq and/or D2L, the individual must complete online FERPA training, and sign both the certificate of completion and the confidentiality agreement embedded in the tutorial. The FERPA documents are to be submitted to the OTR along with:


Contact the Office of the Registrar

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