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If you have junior or senior standing, you may choose to take one course per term under the CR/NC (credit/no-credit) option to a maximum of four courses. Note that in order to be classified as junior standing, you must be a degree-seeking student and have earned at least 60 credit hours.

Before the fall 2008 term, this was known as the S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) option.

What courses can and can't be taken as CR/NC option?

Any undergraduate course, except as noted below, may be taken with the CR/NC option.

Any course taken to fulfill Core of Common Studies requirements, major or minor requirements may not be taken with the CR/NC option. Upper-division (3000/4000-level) courses taken for graduate credit may not be taken with the CR/NC option.

Students in the College of Business Administration may not take any course offered by the College of Business Administration with the CR/NC option.

All students are strongly encouraged to consult with their college offices before requesting the CR/NC option.

CR or NC grades assigned

Instructors will be informed when you have selected the CR/NC option. At midterm and at the end of the term, you will receive a CR or NC grade.

CR — Credit is to be awarded for achievement equivalent to the letter grades of A, AB, B, BC or C.

NC — No credit is to be awarded for achievement equivalent to the letter grades of CD, D or F.

CR grades are included and NC grades are not included in the total number of hours required for graduation. Neither CR nor NC grades will impact your GPA.

CAUTION: If you are considering a professional career in dentistry, law or medicine, you should consult with your pre-professional adviser about the procedure by which professional schools evaluate grades of CR or NC.

How do I take the CR/NC option?

To take a class under the CR/NC option, you must first register for the class via CheckMarq. After you have successfully registered for the class, complete the form below and return it to your college office in person.

The CR/NC option may be declared any time between the start of registration and the close of registration. You may cancel the CR/NC option during that time, as well. Note: The deadline for declaring or canceling the CR/NC option is steadfast. It is not possible to change the CR/NC status after the close of registration.



The Office of the Registrar is the official keeper of academic records including course registrations, grades, transcripts and diplomas.

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