To promote research and scholarship, the University has made high performance computing support part of its IT services. Every faculty and student at Marquette are eligible to use MUGrid and Père for their course or research projects without cost.

Faculty Members:

In order to get access to MUGrid, each faculty member must complete a Marquette Research Computing Account Request Form at the Marquette HPC web site. He or she is responsible for complying with Marquette's Acceptable Use Policies and receiving necessary training for using the system. Several self-paced training resources are available on both the MUGrid and Marquette HPC web site, and bootcamps are offered regularly throughout the year.


Students need the approval of a faculty member, typically their research advisor or instructor, who will be responsible for overseeing the training and activities of the student on MUGrid. The student then need to complete the same Marquette Research Computing Account Request Form at the Marquette HPC web site. The student should provide a faculty sponsor in the request form.

Leaving Marquette

Marquette HPC systems use Marquette University Active Directory for user authentication and account management. As long as a user has a valid MUID and an approved research computing account, he/she can access Marquette HPC systems with his/her Marquette credential.

Users may lose their access to Marquette HPC system when they left Marquette because of graduation or job change. These users should move their data on Marquette HPC systems to their own storage devices or transfer the data to their sponsors. In certain case, they can convert their accounts to a guest account with a sponsor at Marquette.

Getting Help:

If you are experiencing any problem to get your access, please contact ITS Help Desk or send a meesage to


Circuit Board

Campus Grids

Campus grids link together computing resources at an institution to support research and collaboration. A goal of campus grids is to provide a seamless workflow from data collection to analysis and dissemination of results. The campus grid is an essential component of discovery in the 21st Century. Read the Cyberinfrastructure Vision for 21st Century Discovery report for more details.