Be proactive with your personal safety by signing up for the programs MUPD offers to help students, staff and faculty learn new skills and tips.

Self-Defense Program

Open to students, faculty and staff, the MUPD self-defense program uniquely combines a hands-on approach to learning effective techniques with information about the latest national and local crime trends. Designed for female and male audiences, the self-defense program’s classes incorporate simple strategies for escaping potentially dangerous situations. MUPD offers several free self-defense classes throughout the academic year. Individual requests for larger group classes can also be made with advance notice. Contact MUPD at (414) 288-6800 for complete information.

Personal Security Awareness Training

MUPD Personal Security Awareness training reviews steps one can take to limit exposure to personal and environmental security risks. MUPD offers several free personal Security Awareness training classes throughout the academic year. Contact MUPD at (414) 288-6800 for complete information.

Active Shooter Presentations

The MUPD active shooter training, Run. Hide. Fight, is an online presentation that includes resources from the Department of Homeland Security. MUPD encourages all students, faculty and staff to complete the 10-minute training.

Upon request, MUPD will provide training on how to respond and react in the event of an active shooter incident. This presentation is intended to provide the Marquette University campus community the necessary information to prepare for and survive a potential active shooter situation. MUPD encourages anyone leading a department or team to contact Lieutenant Kevin Walz at to schedule a presentation.