32. Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement. Centenary Essays. Edited by William Thorn, Phillip Runkel, Susan Mountin, editors. ISBN 0-87462-682-X. ©2001. Paperbound. Index. Bibliography. 615 pp. $30

“In 1995 colleagues in the Marquette University Archives encouraged me to start planning a national conference to commemorate the centenary of Dorothy Day two years hence. This seemed to be a task for which I was suited as curator of her papers; my lack of any experience in organizing academic symposia notwithstanding. Suffice it to say that my limitations in the latter department soon manifested themselves—to me, at least, and probably to the others on the Dorothy Day Centenary Committee as well. With a lot of help from these friends, however, and the generous support of the Raskob Foundation and other donors, the conference took place as planed, on October 9-11, 1997 (one month before the actual 100th anniversary of Day’s birth, to avoid a conflict with celebrations organized by Catholic Workers in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada). It featured workshops, roundtable discussions, and paper presentations by more than 60 scholars and Catholic Workers. More than 500 participants came from 26 states, Canada, England, The Netherlands, and New Zealand. The conference was dedicated to the memory of William D. Miller (1916-1995), pioneer historian of the Catholic Worker movement, biographer of Dorothy Day, and esteemed colleague, mentor, and friend to generations of Workers, scholars, and archivists. The essays and poems included in this volume were presented at the Dorothy Day Centenary Conference, most for the first time. We offer them now in the hope that they will contribute to that ongoing ‘clarification of thought’ so dear to Peter Maurin’s heart.” — Phil Runkel, Curator, Dorothy Day-Catholic Worker Collection, Chair, Dorothy Day Centenary Committee



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