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Student Alumni Ambassadors Application

The Student Alumni Ambassador program provides an opportunity for an exclusive group of students to represent Marquette at a wide array of university and alumni events.

Student Alumni Ambassadors interact one-on-one and in small groups with high profile alumni, donors and top university volunteers, including the Board of Trustees, National Alumni Board of Directors, and VIP visitors to campus. ¬†Ambassadors will be involved in numerous alumni networking programs and events with the university’s top donors. For example: President’s Christmas Dinner, All-University Alumni Awards Black Tie Dinner, CIRCLES networking events, and Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Depending on skills and comfort level, Student Alumni Ambassadors will have the opportunity to network, be an event speaker, assist fundraisers with donor visits, and much more. There is also an opportunity to attend professional and communication skills training designed specifically for ambassadors. To be selected as a Student Alumni Ambassador is a great honor that will recognize each student’s outstanding personal and leadership skills and provide them with extraordinary networking and social opportunities.

Expectations of a Student Alumni Ambassador:

Who should apply?

A Student Alumni Ambassador is a positive, responsible, enthusiastic student who enjoys meeting new people and would like to expand his or her professional and personal network. He or she should have strong interpersonal communication and public-speaking skills, and be familiar with current campus initiatives as well as the Marquette University mission.

Application Process:

If you have any questions, please contact Jennilee Schlinsky at


View the 2017-2018 Student Alumni Ambassador Application Form

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