Administration and Staff

College Administration

Dr. Janet Wessel Krejci

Dr. Janet Wessel Krejci
College of Nursing
Clark Hall Room 235
(414) 288-3812

Dr. Shelly Malin

Dr. Shelly Malin 
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Nursing
Clark Hall Room 267

(414) 288-7495 

Dr. Christine Shaw

Dr. Christine Shaw
Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs
Clinical Associate Professor
College of Nursing
Clark Hall Room 253
(414) 288-3843

Sandi Van Den Heuvel

Dr. Sandi Van Den Heuvel
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs
College of Nursing
Clark Hall Room 226
(414) 288-2-3818

Patricia Schroeder

Patricia Schroeder, M.S.N., RN, M.B.A., FAAN
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Clinical Assistant Professor
Clark Hall Room 235
(414) 288-0658

Anne Costello

Anne Costello, M.S.N., RN, CHSE
Director, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Center for Clinical Simulation
Clark Hall, Lower Level
(414) 288-3861



Business Office

Larry Vanden Busch

Larry Vanden Busch
Director of Academic Business Affairs
(414) 288-3918

Margie Felber

Margaret (Margie) Felber, B.S.
Business Operations Specialist
(414) 288-7347

Program Staff

Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll
University Advancement Liaison
(414) 288-8484

Irene Cvetich

Irene Cvetich
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(414) -288-3812

Marissa Delwiche

Marissa Delwiche
Director of Student Services
(414) 288-3827

Juanita (Terrie) Garcia

Juanita (Terrie) Garcia, Ph.D., RN
Creating Nursing Workforce Diversity
Project Coordinator, Project BEYOND-2
(414) 288-3822

Amber Nicole Johnson

Amber Johnson, B.S.N., RN
Mentor/Advisor Specialist
(414) 288-3628

Qiyan Mu

Qiyan Mu, Ph.D., RN
Mentor/Advisor Specialist
Project BEYOND-2
(414) 288-2044

Karen Nest

Karen Nest, B.S.
Graduate Program Coordinator
(414) 288-3810

Laura Nigh

Laura Nigh, B.S.N., RN
Simulation Associate-Simulation Center
(414) 288-2022

Taylor Rose Pamperin

Taylor Rose Pamperin, B.A.
Graduate Program Advisor
(414) 288-5632

 Aundrea Price

Aundrea Price, MBA, MHI
Director, Health Care Data Analytics Program
(414) 288-5517

Julie Radford

Julie Radford, M.A.
Undergraduate Program Advisor
(414) 288-7549

Tionne Reed

Tionne Reed, B.A.
Program Coordinator
(414) 288-3869

Theresa Gruenke Schable

Theresa Gruenke Schnable, M.S., RN, ACNS-BC
Simulation Coordinator/Clinical Instructor
(414) 288-3833

Chris Schutt

Chris Schutt, B.S., B.A.
CCS Assistant
(414) 288-1431

Craig Schutta

Craig Schutta, B.S.N., RN
Simulation Technology Specialist
(414) 288-3170

 Leona VandeVusse

Leona VandeVusse, Ph.D., RN, CNM, FACNM
Project Director, Project BEYOND-2

PengPeng Wang

PengPeng Wang, M.S.
Research and College Office Coordinator
(414) 288-3803

Tionne Reed

Jennifer West, B.A.
Communications & Events Coordinator
(414) 288-6191

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Marie Whaley
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
(414) 288-3809

Kimberly Wood

Kimberly Wood, B.S.
Clinical Placement Coordinator
(414) 288-2054

Marquette at a Distance

Angela Becerra

Angela Becerra, M.S.M.
Site Director- Direct Entry M.S.N. Pleasant Prairie & ACNP Indiana
Pleasant Prairie Site, Suite 100
(262) 565-6407

Amanda Hruzek

Amanda Hruzek, MAC, M.S.M.
Academic Advisor- Direct Entry M.S.N. Pleasant Prairie
Pleasant Prairie Site, Suite 100
(262) 565-6411

Brenda Kutzke

Dr. Brenda Kutzke
Director of Nursing Academic Services (DNAS)
Pleasant Prairie Site, Suite 100
(262) 510-2157