Graduate Advising

Graduate student guidelines for academic advising

Academic advisers are appointed by the option coordinator at the time the recommendation for admission is made. The student and faculty members are informed in writing by the Graduate School upon receiving acceptance letters. Students are to develop program plans with the assistance of their advisers. Copies of these plans are to be placed in each student’s file soon after admission to the program.

Students consult with the designated academic adviser for:

  • Information about the program.
  • Addressing unmet prerequisites or deficiencies (these should be removed in the first semester).
  • Preparation and submission of a program of study in the first semester for the entire degree.
  • Changes in the program option of study if required.
  • Progress toward completion of degree requirements for graduation.
  • Academic counseling when indicated.

Academic advisement does not include the direction of theses. Students invite faculty members to serve in these capacities.

If desired, a change of advisers can be initiated by the student or faculty member through the associate dean for graduate programs at any time during the program of study.

If the adviser is unavailable, the associate dean for graduate programs may be consulted.

Change of option

If a student desires a change of option, approval must be sought from the potential new option coordinator.