The O’Brien Fellowship is committed to providing experienced journalists with the tools to pursue ambitious long-term projects in service of the public interest. In this vein, each Fellow is paired with a hand-selected team of student interns who provide quality reporting and production support over the course of the project.

Our interns aren’t assigned busy work. They’re treated as entry-level reporters whose work and skills have a real impact on our Fellows’ success. Many students even gain byline credit or go on to work in the Fellow’s home newsroom in a university-sponsored summer internship. In this way, we strive to not only empower experienced journalists to do great work now, but also to train up-and-coming reporters to do great work in the future.

Our 2018-2019 student intern teams include 18 Marquette graduate and undergraduate students:

NATASHA HAVERTY, independent journalist

Robyn Di Giacinto, second-year graduate student

Claire Hyman, senior

Lucie Sullivan, senior

ERIN JORDAN, The (Cedar Rapids) Gazette

Meaghan Kaupe, second-year graduate student

Mark Lisowski, second-year graduate student

John Steppe, junior

ASHLEY LUTHERN, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sydney Czyzon, junior

Alex Groth, senior

Morgan Hughes, senior

Tara Schumal, senior

JENNI MONET, independent journalist

Leah Harris, senior

Aleah Ibarra, junior

Matthew Martinez, junior

Aly Prouty, senior

Jennifer Walter, senior



John Hand, senior

Clara Janzen, junior

Colleen DuVall, second-year graduate student