Marquette International Friendship Program

The International Friendship Program matches Marquette’s new international students with Milwaukee community members (individuals and families) each fall. Students and their community friends meet once a month to learn about each others' culture through social or family activities.

This unique opportunity allows international students to experience life at a typical U.S. home through family dinners, outings, sporting events and more. It also provides Milwaukee community members with first-hand knowledge of another culture.


The Marquette International Friendship Program is dedicated to uniting Marquette international students with Milwaukee community members to increase and enhance international understanding.

Goals of the Marquette International Friendship Program include:

  • Integrate Marquette’s international students into the Milwaukee community
  • Assist international students in understanding U.S. culture and enable them to experience a segment of life in the U.S.
  • Stimulate understanding and curiosity about international matters among Milwaukee community members
  • Facilitate cross-cultural friendships and communication to increase a sense of global community

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